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Intern or Training Visa

  1. For interns or trainees to be stationed in a company in Hong Kong to receive their necessary training.
  2. The visa validity depends on the training program submitted to Immigration. The program is required to be broken down in weeks to indicate clearly what sort of training is offered in each week.
  3. The maximum period for a training visa is 12 months,the visa cannot be extended beyond 12 months.
  4. A training visa cannot be switched to an employment visa!
  5. A training visa is for non-experienced individuals without any relevant experience in the specific area, which opposed to the requirement for an employment visa application.
  6. Training visa holders are only eligible for a HKID card if their visas are initially issued for more than 6 months.

Student Visas

  1. Are for people being offered placement in one of the academic institutes in Hong Kong. Most student visas are issued to foreign university students in Hong Kong.
  2. Apply a student visa to study in a secondary or language school, or study any kind of short courses, you need to pay particular attention to whether the school is privately owned has fulfilled all the government school licensing requirements.


  • Employment as
    Professional Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  • HKSAR Travel Pass
  • APEC Business Travels Card
  • (HKSAR Passpor)
    Chinese Nationality