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Mainland Chinese does not automatically qualify to apply for an Investment or Employment Visa to Hong Kong. Mainland Chinese is required first to reside overseas (other than Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China) for at least 12 months immediately before submission of an Investment or Employment Visa application. Otherwise the investment or employment visa application will not be accepted.

For those Mainland Chinese graduates who have been studying for degree level courses in any universities in Hong Kong, they can also apply for an Employment Visa directly to Hong Kong Immigration Department provided they have secured positions offered by an established company immediately after their graduation. They have to fulfill the rest of the requirements for an employment visa application.

Mainland Talents & Professionals Scheme:-

This is designed for those professional people who have been residing in Mainland China. As a normal employment visa application for Mainland Chinese requires them to reside overseas for at least 12 months, so this scheme is similar to a normal employment visa application but for those Mainland Chinese who has not fulfilled the 12 months overseas residency requirement.

The Scheme Requires Applicants Possess:-
  • Special skill & experience in the specific area which is relevant to the position offered.
  • The positions should be of a managerial or supervisory level;
  • The employing company is required to proof that they cannot possibly find a local candidate to fill up such position.
  • The key consideration of the scheme is what benefits the Mainland Chinese employee could bring to the local company & subsequently to Hong Kong as a whole.
  • The establishment of the employing company will also affect the application.


  • Employment as
    Professional Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  • HKSAR Travel Pass
  • APEC Business Travels Card
  • (HKSAR Passpor)
    Chinese Nationality