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Features of Hong Kong Limited Company

  1. Allow nominee shareholder and director structure – beneficiary owner’s identity can be hidden from public company record.
  2. With very active & freedom in financial activities. No restriction in fund transfer to & from most part of the world.
  3. Close to & with excellent relationship with Mainland China.
  4. Enjoy convenience of international banking system.
  5. Save legal & government fee when transfer of asset is affected by transfer of shares of a company holding the asset, rather than transfer of the title of the asset directly.
  6. Winding up of the HK Company is relatively low in cost & simple in procedure – this may happen due to change of investment strategy, change of business environment etc.
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  1. Diversify investment risk away from mother flagship company
  2. More easy to change ownership of China investment
    • change shareholding of Hong Kong Company effectively change the shareholding of China business
  3. The activity of the RO can be stopped completely by winding up of the Hong Kong Company – this may happen due to change of investment strategy, change of business environment etc.
  4. Close relationship between Hong Kong & China makes application of R O setup easier & quicker.

Limited Company Incorporation Requirement

  1. Minimum 1 Shareholder & 1 Director is required.
  2. Directors and Shareholders can be same person.
  3. No nationality restriction for shareholders & directors.
  4. Corporate shareholder & director is allowed & documents required include :
    • Certificate of Incorporation of corporate
    • Articles of Association
    • Minutes of Directors approving taking up shares / directorship in the Hong Kong Company & authorization of signatory
  5. Minimum subscribed share capital is HK$ 1
  6. Registered address in Hong Kong
    • If you do not have a registered address, Datar can give you it’s address as Parking Address, please check the application form & advise the plan you are interested in for setting up your Limited Company
  7. One Company Secretary & should either be Hong Kong resident or Hong Kong limited company
    • If you do not have a Company Secretary, Datar can be your Company Secretary upon your request & approval
  8. Company Name should not be same as those already registered in company register & can be
    • Only English name or only Chinese name OR English plus Chinese name.


  • Change of
    Director / Shareholders
  • Appointment of
    Corporate Secretary
  • Share Transfer /
    Share Allotment
  • Filing of
    Company's Annual Return
  • Business Registration License
    Renewal (Valid / Expired License)
  • Change of Company Name /
    Adding Business Branch Name
  • Apostille
    & Notarization Arrangement
  • Company Deregistration
    or Closing Down of RO

Our Service Plans

Services A B C D E
Company Name Search
Documents Preparation
Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association 1 SET 20 SETS 20 SETS 20 SETS 20 SETS
CPA Certified True Copies Of Company Documents
Bank Account Referral(Excluding Bank Charges)
Business Registration Certificate
Green Box (Company Name Imprinted)
Statutory Book
20 Share Certificates
Company Common Seal
Company Signature Chop & Round Chop
Company Secretarial Services 1 Year 1 Year
Registered Office Address 1 Year 1 Year
Green Box Keep in our office 1 Year 1 Year
Monthly Post / Mail’s Receiving 1 Year
TSCP Filling
SCR Filing
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