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Company Secretary Services


As per Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Section 154,

Each & Every Company must appoint a Company Secretary (to ensure compliance with ongoing legal returns, accounts, audit and other requirements).

  1. The Company Secretary must be an ordinarily resident in Hong Kong, a HK qualified accounting professional, a HK qualified legal professional or a "HK Trust or Company Service Providers licensee".
  2. If the shareholder and the Director are two separate person, then either one of them can be appointed as Company Secretary.
  3. If the shareholder and the Director is the same company, then a third party (individual or company) should be appointed as company secretary.
  4. The sole director of a company shall not also be the company secretary.
  5. Company Secretary is a statutory role, which is not personal assistant for the Directors or Executives.

The main duty and responsibilities of company secretary are:
  1. Manage and keep the company’s statutory book (register of shareholders/directors).
  2. Preparing and filling annual returns to the Hong Kong company registry.
  3. Alternation of Director or Company Secretary ( Our Service Includes Maximum 2 Changes per Year, any additional Changes will be charged separately).
  4. Transfer of share and share allotment (Our Service Includes Maximum 2 Changes per Year, any additional Changes will be charged separately, but does not include the Stamp Duty Fees by the Government, that will be charged separately.).
  5. Change the name of company ( Does not include Government Fees or Fees for the New Company Kit if requested by the Director/Shareholder).
  6. Change company registered address.
  7. Ensuring that company compiles with relevant laws and regulations.

Our professional and experienced team can provide company secretarial services to your company. The following is our special package (exclude government fees):
Company Secretary Special Package (Please Contact us for a Quote)
1. Datar HK acting as company secretary for your company
2. Prepare and filling of annual Returns to the HK Companies Registry
3. Provide advisory service to your company’s secretarial matters
4. We charge separately on all other works that we have to do in the capacity of company secretary

Designated Representative Services

From 1st March 2018, a Hong Kong incorporated company must

  1. Designate at least one person as its representative to provide assistance relating to the company’s significant controllers Register to a law enforcement officer.
  2. Appoint one of the following person as the company’s Designated representative:
    (a) A member, director or an employee of the company who is a natural person resident in Hong Kong, or
    (b) A HK qualified accounting professional a HK qualified legal professional or a "HK Trust or Company service Providers licensee".

Significant Controllers Register ("SCR")

From 1st March 2018, a Hong Kong incorporated company must

  1. Take responsible steps to identify its significant controllers,
  2. Give notice and obtain required particulars of significant controllers,
  3. Enter the required particular of its significant controllers in the SCR and keep them up-to-date,
  4. Keep its SCR at the company’s registered office or place in Hong Kong, and
  5. Allowing inspection by law enforcement officer.

Failure to comply with the SCR obligations or made false statement is a criminal offence.

The company and every responsible person of the company are liable to a fine at level 4 (i.e. HK$25,000). Where applicable, there is a further daily fine of HK$700. The above is an extraction notes which does not constitute legal advice, for details of the SCR compliance, please refer to the External Circular and Publications of the Hong Kong company registry.

Parking Service (Address) / Virtual Office:


Tsim Sha Tsui ( Heart of Kowloon) is considered one of Hong Kong’s main business leading names in the banking, accounting, legal and corporate worlds can all be found here.

Our convenient office location at Tsim Sha Tsui (two minutes walk from “K11”), to be your Company’s registered office address, the prime location can build up your Corporate image, being a stone throw away from Hong Kong financial district.

Company’s Address (Parking) Service
(1) Use our address as registered office for your company,
(2) Use our address as correspondence address for your company,
(3) Mail receiving with email notification, and
(4) Collect your email at our office.

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