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Other Non-Resident Visa

Other non-resident visas include Travel Passes & Working Holiday Visas.

Travel Passes are for frequent visitors (usually business related) to Hong Kong in order to enjoy more convenient clearance as they can use the Hong Kong resident counters upon their arrival. However, Travel Pass holders are only visitors, but not residents, in Hong Kong.

  • Applicants should demonstrate their genuine needs to visit Hong Kong frequently, & have come for visits trouble-free on 3 or more occasions (other than side trips to China or Macao) in the 12-month period preceding the applications.
  • Only visa-free nationals (i.e. visitors who do not require a pre-approved visitor visas) to Hong Kong are eligible to apply for Travel Passes.

Travel Passes are 32-page machine readable documents & are valid for three years with multiple entries allowed. Holders are permitted to stay in Hong Kong for 60 days upon each entry. Travel Passes are particular useful for frequent business visitors who are granted visa-free travel to Hong Kong with less than 60 days upon each entry.

The key consideration for a Travel Pass application is the needs for frequent business “Visit” to Hong Kong, but not for “Employment“.


  • Employment as
    Professional Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Training Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  • HKSAR Travel Pass
  • APEC Business Travels Card
  • (HKSAR Passpor)
    Chinese Nationality