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It's not a market norm for such arrangement, especially if the service provider does not have enough resources and experience to manage comprehensively at this level. 

Via an all-round platform like DATAR, using our registered address could be a very important beneficial strategic move of yours. That means all your Govt letters will be posted to our provided registered office address, and we can remind you promptly when the Govt letters are received, also give you useful advice on how to handle these letters appropriately. Under this 'all-in-one' arrangement, all your Govt deadlines will not be skipped. 

Since your Govt mails might contain lots of sensitive information, choosing a reliable service provider to manage all these for you is undoubtedly crucial. Having years of practical experience, our attentive company secretarial specialists will handle your letters with great care, and keep a close eye on the Govt schedule to help you deal with different compliance duties and deadlines properly when you are busy with onerous operational work. 

The Companies Ordinance requires all limited companies to prepare and submit their Annual Return every year within 42 days after the anniversary date of incorporation. This document should list out the particulars of the company, as there could be changes or updates throughout the whole year so the owner is obligated to update the regulatory body through this kind of report. 

The Companies Registry will not remind you of this important submission, and not every company secretarial service provider in the market will do so. As to be your company secretary, not only we will issue you with notice to remind you upon every deadline, but also help prepare and file your Annual Return complimentarily, so as to avoid penalties on late submission.

If you choose us as your tax arrangement service provider, we will even remind you when it is time to file your tax returns like Employer’s Return and Profits Tax Return for you to comply with these responsibilities properly.

In HK, all limited companies are required to appoint a co. secretary according to the Co. Ordinance. The work of a co. secretary is essential to the governance and administration of the company - the co. secretary should not only work with directors and shareholders of the business, but also deal with different Govt and regulatory bodies like Co. Registry, etc.

If you are the director / shareholder of the company, it is legally prohibited for you to take the co. secretary role. And if you appoint an individual for this, he / she should ordinarily reside in HK; if the co. secretary is a corporate secretary, its registered office or place of business should be in HK.

In many ways, it is recommended to get a proficient firm that is fully versed in the HK Co. Ordinance to handle this important role, given that a layperson or an incapable service provider can produce many hassles for you, from appointment of a new director / shareholder, increase in authorized capital for share allotment to share transfer request - all these can be handled in a painless way, or the opposite, a time and resources wasting way. Not to mention how important it is to fulfill the regulatory compliance in HK. 

Finding a trustworthy firm to manage your corporate duties could make a great difference. Here're two easy steps for you to transfer your co. secretary to DATAR and join our community right away:

First, if you have questions about your current status or whether you should transfer or not, please feel free to live chat with our co. secretarial specialists here. They will see what they can best do to help, as well as tailor make the most suitable company maintenance solutions for your business. 

Second, if you have decided to join us, there are only a few documents that we will prepare and file them all for you. Since all limited companies in HK are required to appoint a company secretary so it is also obligated to notify the related Govt department for any changes. After getting your consent, we will start communicating with your existing service provider to get the transfer smoothly handled, simply leave all the coordination work to our in-house team. 

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